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This is my thought for the Melee. I probably will not do it if I can't run it through the AO3, so this depends on how soon the next code push, with the prompt challenges, is available.

1) Authors submit stories they would like to have remixed. They may submit one each in up to five fandoms. (No crossovers!)

2) I number the list of all of the stories in each fandom. Using a random number generator, I select one story from each of the different fandoms. (I will do this sequentially, so that if one of your stories is picked, I remove you from the lists for all the other fandoms.)

3) I post all of the selected stories as prompts. So, there will be one Stargate Atlantis story in the melee, and one Leverage, and one Revolutionary Girl Utena, and one One Piece, and one RaPS, etc. etc. So that people who want to participate in the melee will select the fandom they want to work in, but then, as with participants in the Duello, they don't choose which author or which individual story.

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Sounds like a

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good idea
10 (100.0%)

bad idea
0 (0.0%)

I will participate in this version of the Melee. (0 = Not enough DW points in the world; 100 = I will pay you DW points to do it!)

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Mean: 50.00 Median: 55 Std. Dev 26.08
00 (0.0%)
102 (20.0%)
201 (10.0%)
300 (0.0%)
400 (0.0%)
502 (20.0%)
601 (10.0%)
702 (20.0%)
802 (20.0%)
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9 (100.0%)

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I'm preparing to start round two of this challenge.

Some changes:

1) I now have a finer understanding of how mods can manipulate signups, so I think that I can now do away with required fandoms. Instead, people would make requests in multiple fandoms. However, everyone will need to recruit friends from the fandoms you plan on nominating, since I won't be assured of lots of overlap.

2) There are three possibilities for the Melee (people being able to do remixes without signing up or volunteering for their story to be remixed.)

A) I might just kill it. There is already a non-exchange, no deadline remix ([community profile] remix_goes_wild), so the accessibility issues I was trying to address are addressed elsewhere, and, with the change in signup, the small fandom issue I was trying to address last year is gone. Also, I wasn't very good at running it, and I dislike doing things I am not very good at.

B) If someone else has an idea of what should happen with it and would like to run it, you could. The only thing that I would ask you to do is run it through the AO3 as a prompt fest subcollection of Remix Duello. You could have whatever rules you wanted, and I wouldn't interfere, and I'd give you posting access on this comm. In effect, it would be a co-branded, contemporaneous exercise.

C) The reason for running [community profile] remixduello in the first place is to have a remix challenge with restraint, where the story you are to remix was picked for you, as an extra special remix challenge. (Also, to let you pick exactly which story got remixed, to say, "I want to see where someone takes that story.") The Melee got rid of both of those aspects of the challenge. I think a little bit of that could be restored if I reorganized it so that people could nominate stories as Melee prompts, but only one per fandom. Would that still be of interest to people?

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I am taking this poll because

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I am thinking about participating in the Remix Duello
15 (62.5%)

I am thinking about participating in the Melee
0 (0.0%)

it is on my reading page
9 (37.5%)

Regarding the Melee

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Let it fade away. It has been superseded by events.
3 (14.3%)

*grabby hands* I want to run it! Me, me, me!
0 (0.0%)

This "one per fandom" idea sounds interesting. Let's hear some more about that.
10 (47.6%)

I forgot what the Melee was from last year. What are you talking about?
6 (28.6%)

My response can not be captured in your limited array of poll answers. Please read my EPIC COMMENT on this matter.
2 (9.5%)

Favorite fandom

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9 (39.1%)

16 (69.6%)

Radio button
7 (30.4%)

5 (21.7%)

5 (21.7%)

Text entry
5 (21.7%)

I love all polls equally
10 (43.5%)

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Now that stories are collected (except for pinch hits), the Melee is open.

Choose a story to remix from the list of stories nominated for the Melee and then post it to the Melee 2010 collection.

You can respond to as many or as few of the nominated stories as you want, and more than one person is free to respond to any particular story. There is no minimum length requirement, and you may post in whatever medium you can figure out how to upload to the Archive of Our Own.

In other words, it's a bit of a free for all. ;)

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